S.T.E.M. in Craft Beer & Beyond

BEERSGIVING was established as a campaign to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support Mental Health. This is the process we believe will diversify professionals in S.T.E.M. / S.T.E.A.M. industries.


In our efforts to meet our campaign goals we've worked closely and privately with industry professionals to develop training, education and virtual interactions with a diverse and global community.

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Family Afternoons Out

Fun for the whole family. Unwind with fun craft beer S.T.E.M. Experiments, while meeting diverse groups of people of all ages, heritages and communities.

Barrel Aged Conversations

One on One personal advisement for those who are curious with expert professionals in STEM Careers, Military Veterans, Business Owners and Fund Managers.

Professional Pairings

Ultra lux beer & food pairings providing respite to industry professionals who don't always get to enjoy the industry they are so passionate about.

Cultured Retreats

Services focused on your career transition & guiding you through the process of monetizing your STEM interests all while supporting your health.







Family Afternoons Out

Barrel Aged Conversations

Professional Pairings

Cultured Retreats


Build Diversity

Share Knowledge

Create Opportunities

Address Traumas & Taboos

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has become our top priority. Leadership has been working with various professional organizations to create pathways to professionalism and build equity and accountability for women’s safety in S.T.E.M. workplaces. In 2019, BEERSGIVING was established as a campaign to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support Mental Health all the way along the supply chain from farm to production to retail hospitality with the goal to diversify the industry once and for all. The work is just getting started.

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BEERSGIVING is a campaign to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate with and Support the Mental Health of people seeking S.T.E.M. careers in the Fermentation industry.

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