The Problem with Blacklists

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“Thanks for the update. I believe your listing was pulled from another source back in June….” Blacklists publishers constantly shift blame by mentioning they got the list from somewhere else, as if to say someone else is to blame or it was given to them by a “reliable source”.

Advocacy Action Plan

BEERSGIVING is an Initiative to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate & Support Companies develop & retain their Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ & Military Talent in STEM Career Industries. Day 21 of 2021 has proven that these are the times we have been planning for. We had lived in a state of anticipation because we know, SHIT WILL HIT … Read moreAdvocacy Action Plan

A Call To Action

More pain, more tears, more nauseating news continues to fly out of the brewing industry every week. What is Pink Boots Society doing? What is the Brewer’s Association doing? The standard representative statement, “This is not our lane.”, is getting played out. Once again another woman has been forced to leave the brewing industry. It … Read moreA Call To Action

The Sad Truth about Boulevard Brewing Co and Women

The Sad Truth about Boulevard Brewing Co and Women

Reposted from u/notfrankthecat via Reddit: as a means to help gain greater awareness for the ill treatment women face in the brewing industry as we begin to build and advocacy program as part of our “Pathways Towards Professionalism” 2021 initiative. Boulevard Brewing Co and women from r/TheBrewery I left Boulevard Brewing Company in March 2020 … Read moreThe Sad Truth about Boulevard Brewing Co and Women

New Year Growth and Planning Retreat

Off Flavor Training

During the “Women’s 24 hour Growth and Planning Retreat” for 2021, guests explored many unanswered questions they each felt needed to be answered to move up in their fermentation industry careers. Included in the training schedule was an in depth off-flavor sensory panel.They learned what sensitivities they naturally held, how to detect off-flavors in beer … Read moreNew Year Growth and Planning Retreat

Anti-ABINBEV Explained

The question was posed: “May I just ask why everyone (including me) are so anti-ABINBEV, but totally ok with drinking the Willetized from Lagunitas? (FTR, I don’t support Lagunitas)” @Teri_16 via Twitter BEERSGIVING recently conducted a task force building round table, on a tour stop, which lead to the revelation that anti-ABINBEV sentiment has roots … Read moreAnti-ABINBEV Explained