Community Uniting Services are shifting to Virtual & Online support to remain in the spirit of giving and supporting the craft beer community and families. 

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BEERSGIVING's Community Uniting Services are shifting to Virtual & Online support to remain in the spirit of giving and supporting the craft beer community and families.  From craft beer production to the supporting sectors and service industries affected, as quarantines and shutdowns reduce or eliminate the incomes of many part time, gig based freelancers, commission and wage/tip staffers, BEERSGIVING will be working to keep small businesses’ expenses and their staff payroll budgets subsidized. 

The BEER WAGE LOSS FUND is a fund fueled by REDIRECTED sponsor cash commitments used to subsidize the revenues and incomes of Craft Beer industry professionals who rely on day to day social gatherings and events to pay the rent, utilities and payroll of team members. 


With social interactions being limited and schools closed not only will the small business not full time portion of the craft beer population not be able to cover expenses fully, there is now the burden of childcare expenses for those who must still attend work in person but have no care for their children or additional food budget to cover their school meals.


As festivals shut down that were being funded by corporate sponsors wanting to connect with our audiences and processing refunds to their sponsors, BEERSGIVING proposes a virtual telethon to ask these corporations to REDIRECT their commitments to the BEER WAGE LOSS FUND in order to keep small businesses a float, payroll funded and offer subsidies to part time, gig based freelancers, commission & wage/tip support staffers and owners financially displaced. 


Festival Owners, Sales Reps and Investors can assist in this virtual outreach event by:

  • Calling all sponsors presenting and partnering who were committed to now canceled events and asking them to recommit the same cash investment into the BEERSGIVING Beer Wage Loss Telethon.
    • Letting them know BEERSGIVING will be offering virtual activations and advertising local activations and engagements that will create the kind of deep seeded loyalties in consumers they were looking to build through festivals by helping our audience and professionals stay afloat in a time of need.
  • Offering Virtual speeches & coaching sessions by previously booked speakers (recordings the Beersgiving Team can film, edit and distribute) to former ticket holders, vendors and brand owners (free to women & minorities in civilian and military families) who were looking forward to attending events in order to gain knowledge and insight to help their careers and businesses.
    • This platform will help start the leveling of the playing field especially for persons who otherwise would not have been able to attend your event due to work, unaffordable travel and lodging costs and childcare needs. Having the effect of immediately increasing the diversity and inclusion of the industry by offering the information to a wider audience.
  • Committing your own marketing budget toward this endeavor to keep our industry afloat as we all adapt to changing times and as a show of support to help lead the way for your sponsors with your commitment.
    • This show of solidarity may also be in the form of volunteering during the telethon to be on the phone lines, email sorting, collecting and sorting applicant information, sending out payments to recipients and offering organizational expertise to see to it that your local market’s needs are served fairly and equitably helping to bring those who are disadvantage to a better place than they were before 2020 started.


This fund is designed to support those whose hourly wages and tips are their only source of income.

  • Service industry professionals and small business owners needing daily sales are among the many who will suffer disproportionately in the wave of reduced social interaction. 
  • Those who are negatively impacted by the capacity limits and shutdowns of public gatherings, sporting events, restaurants, clubs, and taprooms.
    • Small business owners, event managers, event planners, brewers, cellar masters, assistant brewers, packaging associates, gig based workers, bartenders, waiters, chefs, dishwashers, bussers, sales reps, delivery drivers, cashiers, brand ambassadors, promoters, freelancers, part timers and parents in the industry who are forced to stay home because they can’t afford childcare.


1 - 2 weeks or more without pay means loss wages that would otherwise cover 

  • Rent or mortgage, utility bills, travel to work expense, food and groceries, payroll for staffers, and credit/loan debts that missed payments would result in loss of credit standing leading to longer term poverty and disparaging socioeconomic conditions.

We are faced with the possibility of business closures, layoffs and labor force redistribution if craft beer can not sustain itself.


  • Business owners affected by forced shutdowns will be asked to contact us with details about revenue loss, rent, utilities and payroll debt they need assistance assistance with.
  • The Beer Wage Loss Fund will support applicants nationwide giving priority to small businesses run by women, minorities and military spouses and their gig, freelance, part time and commissioned team members inline with creating equity in the industry.
  • Recipients will receive
    • $200-$2000 as income subsidies for lost wages during the time of shutdowns.
    • Requirements will include paystubs or invoices from 3 weeks prior to March 15, 2020 and an income/expense sheet.
  • Hiring opportunities will be provided on the Beersgiving staff for virtual staffers at $33/hour living wage. 


Online applications for those in need are open from now until the lift of all bans on social gathering spaces, events, festivals, bars, restaurants, schools, public space businesses and when businesses are reporting the return of normal revenues as compared to last year or market averages.


Please activate your full-time staff and management to contact their followers, business contacts, family who are on free paid time off, customers who would otherwise be supporting the business to make donations. 


For part-time staffers, we will be offering supplemental employment to keep them active and engaged with the community in a virtual manner. Please give us time to get the fund activated then begin the task allocation. We will operate in a manner that allows businesses to keep their staff safe and employed through them.


Danii Oliver, owner of Island to Island Brewery & Navy Daughter: Danii’s brewery taproom was named the most welcoming taproom in all of New York after years of grinding it out in the big city proving she could build a business on the pioneering concept of serving American diversity with a side of family. Danii is now expanding Island to Island into the Friendly state of Texas as an estate brewery with its own permaculture farm making this farm brewery better able to build on its mission – following the seasons & honoring family tradition – while crafting Indigenous American craft beer alongside non-alcoholic fermented beverages.

Veronica Ashley-Reid, founder of Autonomous Growth, creator of AG Financial Methodology & AG SEED Initiative & Army Veteran: Veronica saw the need for change after managing multi-million dollar funds for the U.S. Army Chaplains fund. Her expertise also included the coordination and execution of healing retreats and supporting our units' religious needs for nearly a decade. Veronica continues to create safe spaces and self-growth tools to share with veterans, women, and young adults that are looking to transition out of the military and into a healthier lifestyle including Entrepreneurship.

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Goals: Create, Relate, Fill, Support & Boost

The mission always comes first and we have a mission to complete by any means necessary. Our mission: to end the need for diversity and inclusion panels. End Veteran post discharge neglect with career transition and mental health support. Provide resources to underrepresented Military Spouses and Children with resources for mental health, S.T.E.M. career, leadership and ownership opportunities.

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