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December To Remembers

December 18th 10AM

The North Texas Women in Fermentation brewed a 5 gallon pilot batch of beer to test a strain of lacto-bacteria extracted by Natalie Willard, Danii Oliver and Lead Lab QA/QC specialist Tyler. The unique isolated strain will be used for alliance’s first collaboration brew day of 2021 with Four Corners Brewing Company. The pilot brew day happened under the tutelage of Betsi Good, Head Kombucha Brewer.

Members were invited to attend and participate, watch, learn, ask questions or hang. The full production batch will be brewed on January 9th over the course of 3-4 days to ensure the wort reaches the desired pH before hops are added and yeast is pitched for full fermentation. This kettle sour process is a the traditional method for producing sour beers aka Berliner Weisse. The NTX Chapter has produces several sour beers over the past years however, only using clean souring yeast strains.

The brew day will be preceded by a 24 training retreat designed to give women wanting to get their foot in the industry or expand their knowledge and opportunities one-on-one consultations, sensory training, skill building and more. The end goal, increase hiring opportunities for women in the fermented adult beverage produciton industries in back of house, raw materials and supporting vendors.

Registration is now open for the Growth and Planning resume building retreat.

Registration Closes Christmas Eve.

This 24 hour educational training is designed to help you identify the skills you have earned especially in 2020 and put them into terms that make sense on your resume, linkedin page, job postings or media kit.

Who is this retreat for: You!

  • Women seeking to grow their careers and earn better opportunities
  • Women seeking to articulate their added value in order to negotiate a raise, equitable pay or a specific job title.
  • Women looking to boost their network and networking skills.
  • Women who are owners and decision makers needing to grow their talent pool and fill knowledge gaps on their team.
  • Women wanting to boost their business’s brand awareness and grow additional revenue streams.

By us coming together for this one night, we will be dedicating the investment of focused time to rest, relax, recharge and receive new skills and consultations that will elevate us to the next for 2021.

Reserve your spot today

Virtual Attendance from your private room will be provided if you do not wish to be in the suite with the group.

Shared Rooms are $140

Single Rooms are $280

Need Assistance? Refer and Register 2 attendees to earn a full scholarship.

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