A Call To Action

More pain, more tears, more nauseating news continues to fly out of the brewing industry every day. What is Pink Boots Society doing? What is the Brewer’s Association doing? According to representatives, “This is not our lane.”, is getting old. Once again another woman has been forced to leave the brewing industry. It is as … Read moreA Call To Action

Anti-ABINBEV Explained

The question was posed: “May I just ask why everyone (including me) are so anti-ABINBEV, but totally ok with drinking the Willetized from Lagunitas? (FTR, I don’t support Lagunitas)” @Teri_16 via Twitter BEERSGIVING recently conducted a task force building round table, on a tour stop, which lead to the revelation that anti-ABINBEV sentiment has roots … Read moreAnti-ABINBEV Explained

Why Diversity Matters

Because sometimes someone else has a better idea. Period Press Play. Where Do You Stand? Take the test, know that you might not like what you learn. It’s okay. We can talk about. https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/ More Resources: http://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/implicit-bias-training/ https://www.simplypsychology.org/implicit-bias.html#:~:text=An%20implicit%20bias%20may%20run,action%20on%20an%20unconscious%20level https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/faqs.html#faq1 https://nccc.georgetown.edu/bias/module-3/1.php

Beersgiving 2020 Year End Report

On this episode of Hoppy Hour, Hops News co-hosts chat with Danii Oliver from BEERSGIVING and Pink Boots Society about the amazing things she’s doing through beer. Danii will have a special guest, US Army Veteran Veronica Ashley-Reid of Cultured Retreats with her as well. This weeks featured non-profit will be Beersgiving, with a live … Read moreBeersgiving 2020 Year End Report

Learn To Home Brew Day November 7, 2020

Learn to Home Brew BEER, KOMBUCHA, CIDER, MEAD & WINE with advisement from Craft Beer industry experts! About this Event Presented by BEERSGIVING and Pink Boots Society NTX: Learn to Home Brew BEER, KOMBUCHA, CIDER, MEAD & WINE then sit with an industry expert for a one-on-one Barrel Aged Conversation receiving advice about transitioning into … Read moreLearn To Home Brew Day November 7, 2020

Mission & Purpose Still On Track

COVID-19 Mandates have transformed the way we all connect. In our efforts to meet our campaign goals we’ve worked closely and privately with industry professional to develop training, education and virtual interactions with a diverse and global community budding. Advocacy has become our top priority. Our founder, Danii Oliver has been working with various professional … Read moreMission & Purpose Still On Track

Nationwide Event Shutdown

Shutdowns related to Corona have grounded our national tour. We are still working to develop welcoming atmospheres for civilian and military families of diverse backgrounds into the STEM world of craft beer through training, education and advocacy in breweries & through professional societies. Our STEM experiments for kids, career and mindset transition coaching, industry professional … Read moreNationwide Event Shutdown