STEM in Practice

BEERSGIVING was established as a campaign to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support Mental Health. This is the process we believe will diversify professionals in STEM & STEAM industries starting with beverage production as a medium to bring people together.

Family Afternoons Out

An event to welcome in people of diverse backgrounds into craft beverage spaces and spaces traditionally lacking diversity and inclusion.

These are one of a series of events to in which we welcome in military families, families of color, LGTBQ families and women with families while enjoying activity filled afternoons.

These event are for the whole family to relax and engage in STEM Activities related to tasks, experiments and professions in the fermented beverage space they take place in. Children, Teens and Adults can interact by exploring our exciting STEM experiments which include

  • Science – sensory exploration with grain, water and tasting cups
  • Technology – yeast observation and counting under microscope
  • Engineering – brew house tactical performance challenges
  • Mathematically – measuring the chemistry of liquids for the pH and titration & gravity levels using hydrometers, refractometers and test tubes

These events are meant to create space for family bonding while opening opportunists for greater exposure, diversity and inclusion in related STEM professions. This helps families see how STEM skills translate to real world applications and encourages greater question asking and inquiry in the possible job opportunities and ultimately “Pathways Towards Professionalism” for historically underrepresented communities.

We’re on a mission to broaden the horizons of what is possible when we create Pathways Towards Professionalism with diversity, equity and inclusion opportunities for employment and ownership.

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