Recommitting To Beersgiving in 2021

We’ve thought long and hard about BEERSGIVING and whether or not this 2020 campaign had a future.

  • It was only meant to be a 1 year campaign.
  • It was meant to go on tour around the country and engage people directly.
  • It was meant to diversify craft beer once and for all and end diversity panels that have only felt like unaccountable horror story entertainment for free. 

Throughout the 2019 ideation of BEERSGIVING folks questioned at the idea and timeline. They were concerned it wasn’t possible to accomplish the mission goals set forth. Rather than offer assistance, support or attendance some of those people respectfully declined to engage. Some requested follow up the “next year”.

We know! We know, we said the same thing. “It will end in a year!”


Focused Forward

We continued on with the small national team we had formed. Our tours were lined up and we even were selected for a tiny grant that would support travel to one destination. By the spring we had Nevada, Florida and Texas tours booked. We were seemingly talking a lot of hot gassed idealism until the curtain fell, things began closing and budgets disappeared.

Throughout 2020 the matrix suffered glitches and ultimate was defended. A series of system failures inadvertently plugged folks from their instant gratification leaving them to be served slops of police discrimination, public lynchings and blatant social, economic and political inequity. The violent allergic reaction to the resulting sickness was white guilt, Karenism, and emotional labor stress.

Soon the ideas of BEERSGIVING – welcome – mentor – collaborate – support – became everyone’s idea. Demands for change not in 5 years but RIGHT NOW became a Worldwide need. We’d had a plan that got grounded from lack of support, funding and literal laws which banned us. None of these factors stopped the demand for us to provide a solution RIGHT NOW.

We did this ourselves. We put a target on our own backs with flashlights boasting that we had the solution to solve the problem of lacking diversity, equity and inclusion. Even though we didn’t claim this for all sectors just our namesake we still faced the demand.

We weren’t able to pivot fast enough under restricted funding. We were accused of misuse of funding we never received. We were accused of not doing anything effective. We were been called embarrassments. We were cheated. We were flaked on.

Through it all we provided education and professional trainings, mentored, hosted action based events, participated on panels and lab sessions, was interviewed for newspapers and podcasts, hosted town halls, round tables, built a task force and engaged community members one-on-one.

Traveling over 30,800 miles to accomplish this all.

2020 BEERSGIVING miles traveled

Not only did we realize mission achievements nationally, but surprisingly globally as well.

We see how the work we’ve been doing has been effective. It’s been made possible from our own philanthropic commitment and from the philanthropic commitment of BEERSGIVING Friends (@craftmeyer, @pbsntx, @equitybrewingco, @girlspintoutdfw) and the BEERSGIVING Tribe who now wear our shirts and sweaters with our badge of diversity, sharing and inclusion on their chests like the superheroes they are. 

Our hearts and minds had been burdened wondering how far we had gotten in 2020 with all the set backs, unplanned pivots and generally not being in control.

Control is a weapon of fascists anyway

We thought about 2020 and laid it out. In 2020 we engaged communities in

North Carolina

New York

St. Martin
St.Kitts and


Wow we toured! We taught. We engaged, We learned, We connected. From what we have learned about the non-profit sector hot damn we were effective! 

Now, we take this moment to recommit to 1 more year. This time not to diversify, that work is done. “Pathways Towards Professionalism” is our 2021 campaign focus. We commit to highlight, bring to light and advocate for those now present. We are committing to provide Pathways Towards Professionalism for the new audience that has been attracted and advocacy for those who are experiencing discrimination.  

Will you join us by taking an oath to adopt our values to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support?

If your answer is, Yes:

Please hash tag #BEERSGIVING when you make the attempt.

Please hash tag #PathwaysTowardsProfessionalism when you succeed. 

Please DONATE a Philanthropic Cash Commitment here. Not for a kick back, perk prize or an award but to ensure vital operational tools are available to our team members. With each donation you help keep this industry diverse with a wide range of people from all walks of life. Without your financial support our efforts will be reversed back to the white-cis-male dominant status quo.  



Your Beersgiving Unicorns Danii & Denia