S.T.E.M. in Craft Beer & Beyond

BEERSGIVING was established as an Initiative to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support Mental Health. This is the process we believe will diversify professionals in S.T.E.M. / S.T.E.A.M. areas of the adult beverage industry.

Industry Building – Legal Support – Rehab – Healing


In our efforts to meet our campaign goals we've worked closely and privately with industry professionals to develop training, education and virtual interactions with a diverse and global community.

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Family Afternoons Out

Fun for the whole family. Unwind with fun craft beer S.T.E.A.M. Experiments, while meeting diverse groups of people of all ages, heritages and communities.

Barrel Aged Conversations

One on One personal advisement for those who are curious. Individuals are paired with professionals who are in STEM Careers, Military Veterans, Business Owners and Fund Managers offering mentorship.

Lager & Listen

Round table discussions addressing topics related to inclusion, diversity and equity. A multi-community bridge designed to open understanding, built empathy and offer action steps for real-time change. Yes there is HOMEWORK.

Bias Rahab

Services focused on your career transition & guiding you through the process of monetizing your STEM interests all while supporting your health. Includes respite for industry professionals who don't always get to enjoy the industry they are so passionate about.







Retreats or
Bias Rehab

Lager & Listen

Barrel Aged Conversations

Family Afternoons Out


Address Traumas & Taboos

Abate Ignorance​ Develop Empathy

Share Knowledge

Build Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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has become our top priority. Leadership has been working with various professional organizations to create pathways to professionalism and build equity and accountability for women’s safety in S.T.E.M. workplaces. In 2019, BEERSGIVING was established as a campaign to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support Mental Health all the way along the supply chain from farm to production to retail hospitality with the goal to diversify the industry once and for all. The work is just getting started.



Text: 917-664-5446


The BEERSGIVING Foundation is dedicated these 4 tenets to: Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate  and Support all diverse communities seeking S.T.E.M. careers in the Fermentation industry.

Participant Stories

Tanya Mac

Leadership is taught at a very low level in the military. You are  required to be able to work through all levels and different personalities.  All valuable life long skills.

My family has served in the military, every generation, since George Washington.  We consider it an honor to serve.

Sammie Guy

Thank you for having a hand in modernizing VFWs and bringing craft beer to a wider veteran audience. I hope this collaboration expands beyond the veteran clubs and onto military bases. Our service members should have access to healthier options made here at home by women and men they are serving who want to repay the favor.

Britt Thomas-Brown

I have always said this… when our service women and men come off deployments there should be some type of class or some therapy session(s) for them and their families.  They deal with so much. They keep  so much from us all because they don’t want us to worry that when they come home, we will all have a hard time adjusting.  

This leads to PTSD, high divorce rates, or homelessness because they feel it’s easier to live alone in the streets then deal with their families.  We need the help. They need the help.  Instead our society just pushes them out into the world and expects them to figure things out.  After all they have done for us it’s what should be done for them!

Sergeant Peters

The Military has taught me time management! Being that I can be called at anytime to be put on orders for anything, I have to get a lot of tasks done and beer brewed in a certain amount of time. Still currently serving I have to practice extreme time management.

BEERSGIVING pairs two very important parts of my life and shows me they can coexist. This does such a great thing, connecting people from all walks of life on common grounds.  There have been times I felt I had to choose between my military career or my career in the beer industry. BEERSGIVING shows me that my fight is bigger than me. BEERSGIVING inspires me to remain dedicated to working hard in my lane.

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