Advocacy Action Plan

BEERSGIVING is an Initiative to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate & Support Companies develop & retain their Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ & Military Talent in STEM Career Industries.

Day 21 of 2021 has proven that these are the times we have been planning for.

We had lived in a state of anticipation because we know, SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN. It’s Physics. Apply enough force in one direction & eventually you will get an equal and opposite FORCE REACTION!

Bias is a disproportionate weight in favor of or against an idea or thing, usually in a way that is closed-minded, prejudicial, or unfair. Biases can be innate or learned. People may develop biases for or against an individual, a group, or a belief. In science and engineering, a bias is a systematic error.

error. error. error. error. error. error. error. error. error. error. error. error.


We have never been in more need of financial support to develop Operational Structures, a Full-time Staff of Experts, a Legal Defense Fund and fully funded Program Initiatives to stop the loss of STEM/ STEAM focused women and people of color in the production and manufacturing industries, controlled substance industries and supporting sectors!

Each sub-industry will have it’s own task force starting with the beer industry and spanning out to all those it overlaps in the realm of STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Communications and Mathematics.

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Recognizing the importance of niche focus to have the maximum impact we will target by industry with a dedicated Task Forces developed all across the Americas locally to hone in on the needs of the region with strong HQ support, trust, memtorship and direction.

Recognizing the value of the programs we produce we will build systems for cross industry adaption.

Recognizing the bias created and supported by silos we will reach into intersections as our strategics growth plan.

Beer is not only brewers. Where brewers need raw produce we will support women in agriculture. Where agriculture touches apples we will support women in Cider. Where cider touches Brandy we will support women in Spirits. Where Spirits touches alcoholism we will support Substance Abuse prevention. Where Substance Abuse prevention touches beer, We have come full circle and have supported Women in STEAM holistically and systemically.

Beer has already touched Cannabis and so we are developing a Task Force to address and expose the sexually human rights violations against women and people of color in Cannabis. We will then implement our core tenets action plan to provide publicly accepted remedies to agricultural companies. And when it intersects we will do it all again.


We have a suite of professional partners executing programs within our core tenets who we will active in secession.

Warning this is not an a la carte offering. This is a full suite program package. Companies must go threw entire process to heal and seek credible public re-support.

The Bias Rehab Center: Support healing from the trauma and addictions seeded by long-term systemic bias, racism and discrimination rooted in formally accepted societal norms. Through these virtual and in-person group sessions we will support the unique needs of:

  • Those who have been on the receiving end of bias with therapy
  • Those who have been the givers of bias begin to pull away the onion layers of implicit and explicit bias.

Lager and Listen: Collaborative Abatement of Ignorance with Accountability Homework.

Barrel Aged Conversations: Rolling Mentorship Program. Donation of philanthropy to support the growing news of incoming talent.

Family Afternoons Out: Welcoming Events Focused on the STEM/STEAM aspects principles your company’s activities are rooted.

Decision makers have the choice:

  • Be Sued from labor, human rights and civil right violations.
  • Donate reparations in the form of operational and program fee funding to enact a well planned remedy in good faith, commit to the work and submit to the court of public scrutiny with full transparency.

The way to Build
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion





The way to Prevent and Atone for





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