Anti-ABINBEV Explained

The question was posed:

“May I just ask why everyone (including me) are so anti-ABINBEV, but totally ok with drinking the Willetized from Lagunitas? (FTR, I don’t support Lagunitas)”

@Teri_16 via Twitter

BEERSGIVING recently conducted a task force building round table, on a tour stop, which lead to the revelation that anti-ABINBEV sentiment has roots in the proliferation of labor abuses prevalent in the beer industry.

To be anti-ABINBEV up until now has meant, staying small and under the radar when it comes to labor law, sexual harassment and discrimination. For instance, many people have volunteered at breweries, not knowing it was illegal to have folks working for free in a for-profit organization. Big business could not get away with a 100% all white staff, 100% all male staff or the EEOC violations many breweries get away with.

To be anti-ABINBEV is to be anti-human rights, anti-HR and anti accountability. And thanks to the power of marketing and PR anti-ABINBEV is KOOL! Not to support ABINBEV, they do not fund BEERGIVING, however, when we look at their published practices & the people we have met from that organization, Abinbev is a diverse company with resources, upward mobility opportunities & a commitment to rewarding good efforts.Our

Global Management Trainee Program:

Why support at AB InBev? “…. challenging the status quo is the norm, and you are in charge of your own results and your career.”

“This company is truly based on culture and your hard effort and determination will be rewarded.”

Denise B. GMT Mexico

We’d like to invite readers wanting to learn more to join the audience of Lager and Listen round tables presented by our new partners @mobcraftbeer and @mke_black. We think you’ll be able to learn more about this topic from pioneer women who we think will get it right and interdisciplinary industry professionals from all walks of life who we believe hold key information the public needs to become aware of.


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