Beersgiving has Partnered with Lager and Listen founders

December 30, 2020
Contact: Elise Strupp
Phone: (414) 640-1266

Beersgiving has partnered with Lager and Listen founders to host a round table series focused on exposing the causes and supporting factors of Social in Justice in the business sector.

The third virtual round table in the new series will feature women owned hospitality and manufacturing and logistics companies across America.

THE AMERICAN MIDWEST  – Founders MobCraft Beer, MKE Black have partnered with BEERSGIVING to continue its monthly virtual conversation series called Lager and Listen. The partnership expands the reach of these conversations out of Milwakie, Wisconsin and on to the national stage. The round table discussions, currently held virtually, will feature interdisciplinary professionals shedding light on the hurtles of red tape, red-ling and obstacles tolling the path towards diversity, equity and inclusion in the business world.

“As an audience member you will be transformed into a student and you will be given homework that keeps you accountable!”

The first virtual round table discussion of 2021 will feature a round table of pioneer women who own beverage, energy, logistics and therapy businesses located all over the country discussing how they built their businesses and how consumers can develop a social justice plan to implement for their spending in 2021. Volume 3 will be held on Zoom at 7:00pm CST on Tuesday, January 5. The event is free and open to the public.  Anyone wishing to attend the second event can RSVP and pose questions to the panel at

Beersgiving Lager and Listen is a series of chats with interdisciplinary professionals from various sectors aimed to build awareness about and bring an end to racial injustice while holding the audience accountable. For the third installment Henry Schwartz, President of MobCraft Beer and Ayrton Bryan, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator for MKE Black welcome, Danii Oliver, President of Island to Island Brewery to form the blended Beersgiving Lager and Listen series. The trio will moderate live discussions and provide homework to the audience to help move the dial toward measurable changes. 

Each installment of Beersgiving Lager and Listen features a different set of interdisciplinary professionals.  This month features six pioneers: Suzette Grillot, Co-founder and Owner of Equity Brewing Company; Brooke Sinclair, Founder and CEO of The Bias Rehab & Learning Center; Betsy Lay, Owner of Lady Justice Brewing Company; Alesia Miller, Founder and CEO Soul Brew Komboocha; Talethea Thompson, Owner and Founder Pumpfive Fuel Delivery; Itzela Vasquez of Ancon Traders.

Thompson, a Milwaukee native, hopes to share her unique viewpoint during the discussion. “Entrepreneurs of color and women just have to play the game differently,” Thompson commented.  Sinclair hopes the discussion inspires participants to take tangible action: “We need to move the discussion forward to action. It’s time to begin the evolution from diversity to inclusion and living an inclusive lifestyle.” 

Join MobCraft and MKE Black for Beersgiving Lager and Listen volumes which will only be accessible live on Zoom via RSVP


BEERSGIVING builds partnerships with individuals & organizations who share a master plan to help bring diversity, equity and inclusion to various industries with a people first approach. BEERSGIVING was established as an Initiative to Welcome, Mentor, Collaborate and Support Mental Health. By focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics BEERSGIVING members believe they can present a wider range of opportunities to inter-disciplinary professionals and young people with soft skill talents, but no prospects of opportunities due to lack of information and mentorship caused by bias & discrimination. 

About the MobCraft Beer: 

MobCraft Beer was founded in 2013 by Henry Schwartz and Andrew Gierczak. It is the world’s first crowdsourced brewery.  MobCraft’s taproom is located at 505 S. 5th Street in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Each month the crowd submits and votes on beer ideas. At the end of the month, the winning beer is brewed and available for all to enjoy. These crowdsourced beers are served in the taproom with MobCraft flagships, beers from their Wild & Sour Program, and more.

About the MKE Black: 

MKE Black celebrates and promotes Black business, events, culture, and advancement in the greater Milwaukee area. We are a non-profit dedicated to providing a one stop shop for locals and tourists, with information on dining, shopping, culture, resources, and more through our website and app. We also help Black Businesses by providing funding and resources to thrive.

About the Island to Island Brewery: 

Island to Island means Inclusion from the poem “No Man is an Island” by John Donne. As the founder of an Inclusion focused brewery, Island to Island, it was of the utmost importance for Danii Oliver to help the world see “every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”. As Danii puts it, “No man should feel like an island unto themselves. Island to Island’s mission is to bring those who feel like they are alone on an island together with others and who feel alone over a glass of no judgment to celebrate their differences and share stories.