S.T.E.M Careers & Beer Related Industries

S.T.E.M Careers can be applied to any industry, but let’s talk about it being applied to the Beer & Fermented Beverage Industry.

Beersgiving is a campaign designed to diversify the craft beer and related industries by taking a look at what missing and why it was missing. Then filling the void with a 4 phase process designed to meet the needs of leaders and talent from a holistic approach to bring more Women, BIPOC, LGBTQA community members into the workforce successfully.

The four phases start with:
One, being welcoming on purpose.
Two, mentorship to fill in in information gaps.
Three, collaborative endeavors providing experience.
Four, holistic retreats crafted to address trauma, taboos and abuses that have been overlooked and are responsible for keeping the industry exclusive.

BEERSGIVING was less the result of being inspired and more so built out of frustration with the state of S.T.E.M. industries all of which are male dominated not because women aren’t interested but because they are blocked or assumed unskilled. There is another reason these industries lack people of color. S.T.E.M paths aren’t traditionally presented to children of immigrants and people of color as respectable career path options. Most people’s understand of what it means to work in the craft beer industry is limited to brewing or pouring. There are way more roles, skills and people needed to make industrial businesses successful. Most of those roles require a disciplinary focus or deep rooted interest in a S.T.E.M or S.T.E.A.M. area.

At the end of the day running a brewery is not running a bar or hanging with friends. The brewery business is in fact an industrial manufacturing business that touches end to end of the supply chain ecosystem. The supply chain includes raw farm produce, bulk warehousing and processing, machine and product producers, production, wholesale, B2B retail, direct customer sales, consumer hospitality and government compliance.

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To volunteer, become a board member, or partner to offer business services please send your proposal to beersgiving (at) gmail (dot) com

Next, We’ll break down the role S.T.E.M. plays in brewing.
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