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What Diversity Can Look Like

Let us not get carried away by the art and tokenism of commercial displays. Rather, let us see through to the possibilities of representation in real life decision making and contribution sharing that can be established for the realization of true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

These are artistic DE&I dreams of what companies and social gatherings should look like to make the claim for Diversity Equity and Inclusion wins:

Case Study:

These commercials are not only well written, entertaining and makes you consider purchasing the product, they are also loaded with diversity! And it makes sense.

Why not simply accept that people of various backgrounds have something creative and insightful to add even “without experience” and allow their participation for the sake of making more money and reaching a larger customer base. We all want to earn and be included. What does a company lose if it’s talent is earning more from diversity than the alternative of white supremacy*.

Remaining all white, all merit based and diversity challenged doesn’t make dollars and cents.

*Yes white supremacy is the sole representation of white people in an organization based on the excuses of and not limited to:

  • We couldn’t find anyone qualified.
  • They didn’t fit the role.
  • They don’t have the look.
  • They didn’t have the training.
  • They didn’t have the expertise.
  • They didn’t have the background.
  • They couldn’t prove themselves.
  • They didn’t have the merits.
  • We still can’t find anyone qualified.

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